The origins of the K1 movement date back into the year 2008, when HORAGE, a Swiss mechanical watch and jewelry upstart was in need for a reliable and acceptably priced mechanical movement.

During this period established players in the movement business decided to dry up supply gradually. Not only an upstart brand like HORAGE would be effected by this market dynamics, but also a multitude of Swiss and German customers, which have been supplied since 1998 by an engineering and supply chain professional known under the name Momo Plus AG.

Tzuyu Huang, founder, CEO and strategic leader of Momo Plus AG, decided to invest the profits of her company in her own industrial movement to become an independent force in the Swiss mechanical watch market.

Needless to say, designing a movement which can be produced at industrial volumes is the more challenging task, than making a manufacture movement in small volumes. (The average development cycle for manufacture movements is 3 years and for industrial movements around 7 years.) 
And as if one of the challenges wouldn’t be enough Tzuyu Huang and the leading engineer decided to go for both worlds, designing a modular movement platform meeting both manufacture flexibility and industrial precision.

The road to success is never straight. Over the past 10 years the project has been facing ups and downs as well as changing team members. But with every K1 revision and new prototype, the project took shape until finally in 2015 we decided to come out into the public through a joint Kickstarter campaign with the original company in need of the movement.

To make the next step into industrial production, it was time to look for an investor, which was found in 2016.

During 2 ½ years of cooperation and a first production run under industrial conditions giving us the certainty that the K1 can be produced in high quality and in medium to large quantities, the cooperation with the original investor ended, which sparked the search for a new partnership. The result was today's company "TEYOS + HORAGE Engineering AG", in short THE Plus AG, which acts as a sister company to the two main brands TEYOS and HORAGE.

As a young, dynamic and well-trained team, we want to make our gained knowledge accessible to our customers. We not only sell the K1 as a product, but also offer services related to the building of watches. It is important for us to always keep up with the times and are therefore constantly researching new materials or developing new movements, such as the K2.