K1 Movement

An unparalleled movement that embodies both the boutique qualities of manufacture and the pinnacle of industrial design efficiencies.  Our strategic positioning as an independent firm has enabled us to focus our investments on continually optimizing K1 and future movement development, whilst expanding upon our network of premium suppliers.   

K1 is characterized by its modularity and consistent dimensions. No matter what functions you choose, the outer dimensions such as diameter, height or winding stem position remain unchanged.

We have developed various technologies that increase the performance of K1. Our silicon escapement is our standout technology and it provides K1 with 30% higher efficiency and a power reserve of 65 hours.


  • Big Date

  • Small Date

  • Power reserve indicator

  • Small Second

  • Center Second


  • Diamter: 25,6mm | 11.5'''

  • High: 4.95mm

  • Power reserve: 65 hours

  • Frequency: 3.5Hz

18 variants

The modularity of K1 affords watchmakers 18 different configurations.


To ensure consistency the outer dimensions and winding stem always remain unchanged.

All variants_2.png

Silicon escapement

Our silicon escapement is a completely new and unique design that results in an 30% increase in efficiency over steel.  For the end consumer this means a marketable increase in the overall power reserve. 

We have further optimised the use of silicon and can retrofit your existing movement stock, no matter what type of movement it is.


Rotor development is not to be taken lightly.  As seasoned engineers we are capable of helping you realise your teams vision for rotor design and customisation of the rotor in our K1 movement.

Feel free to reach out.  Our team is ready to help.