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Development, sourcing and analysis


As a total horological service provider our team can provide turnkey solutions, ground up development or sourcing from our vast network of suppliers.  

Movement & mechanism development

Whether an automatic mechanism, escapement or swing system we can assist in development, construction and sourcing.

Lab examinations

Our laboratory examinations of torque & optical measuring to erosion & wind speed testing fast track your project to completion.


Precision custom tooling development that is tailored to your projects needs. 


From T0 to T4 our expertise in pre-assembly to final assembly maximizes efficiencies in your movement development. 

Movement development

The construction of a movement has multiple development stages that save our partners time and resources.

  • Component arrangement

  • Power reserve development

  • Escapement optimization

  • Material sourcing

  • Pre-assembly

  • Final assembly

  • After sales service

Experts in expediting the development of;

  • Winding stem mechanism

  • Time setting friction

  • Winding speed

  • Reverse wheel

  • Lubrication

  • Adapted tools


single mechanism development

Whether our customers have a movement that requires further optimization or are looking to develop from scratch, we can build any mechanism you require.

  • Tige mechanism

  • Hands adjusting system

  • Escapement

  • Swing system

  • Power reserve indicator

  • Automatic mechanism

  • Date adjusting

Lab examinations

A movement is a high-performance motor that runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To ensure that movements achieve and exceed your performance expectations we offer in-house testing services:

  • Power of barriet

  • Power between single wheels

  • Required power for a desired amplitude

  • Power of hands friction

  • Required power to wind watch with winding stem

  • Power progression of automatic winding system 

  • Torque of escapement

  • Power to pull and push the tige

  • Wear test of tige mechanism

  • Wear test of automatic mechanism

Additionally, we own equipment to measure parts automatically,  manually or optical with diverse methods.



The pre-assembly outcome depends largely on the quality of the tools at hand.

We have developed and built all our tools in-house to ensure nothing is compromised. For example:

  • Tool to rivet wheels

  • Tool to clamp chaussée

  • Tool to set stones

  • Tool for wear tests

  • Tool to print date discs 

We also offer custom tool development.



Our watchmakers knowledge base and use of top-tier equipment enable us to serve our partners in pre-assembly through to final assembly. In addition, our customers benefit from our expertise in dial and hand setting, as well as a case and strap mounting. 

We are capable of the following assembly steps:

  • T0

  • T1

  • T2

  • T3

  • T4